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Zoho People HR Management Software

Zoho People
Zoho People

Zoho People is a simple online Human Resource Management Software or HRMS that is designed to give a centralized location to your employees. Using this you can manage access and utilize employee data to get knowledgeable insights about the work their attendance, timesheet, payroll and a lot more. Zoho HRMS software is an online & desktop-based which does not need a software installation when used online. It has a wide spectrum of modules with which Zoho People is apt for any company irrespective of size (Small cap, mid cap and large cap industries or companies) Zoho People has an exclusive list of modules and features associated with it to offer HR and employees of the company higher benefits.

It includes live management, Attendance management, Timesheets, Digital form builder, Employee Self-Service Portals, HR process automation, Data View and reports integration, and inbuilt heads of forms, performance appraisal management and mobile application.

Key Features of Zoho People

Efficient Data Management

This is a platform with which you can flexibly work and go hand-in with a cloud based employee database management system that works and operates with the global workforce. This manages and optimizes everything that's necessary in the data. It builds a secure, scalable and a comprehensive database that is best and better to understand for your workforce. It is optimization to each workforce specific to their own needs.


· It increases data visibility across different regions for employees.

· It is customizable such that each employee can use it and manage it in its preferable way.

· It has a guaranteed security for the data management and employee privacy.

· A quicker and easy access for the database is enabled for employees from their mobile device using the mobile application.

· Employees are empowered with Self-Service portals for them to check for stuff that they need in the database.

Easy HR Management

Zoho People provide tools that help employees and HR staff of your organization, keep data up-to-date, update and keep productivity to the maximum and stay efficient throughout the work hours and after.

These include a couple of activities such as:

· On boarding,

· Leave tracker,

· Attendance tracker,

· Track of time and

· Handling the schedule sheets.

Boost Performance Evaluations with Zoho People

You can extract reviews on a day-to-day or a daily, weekly, monthly and a yearly basis such that you develop positive developments across your employee's performance by reflecting on the reviews and implementing stuff from the reviews. You can give and take feedback throughout the year by using modules such as KRA and goals. This supports the evaluation of employees and customizing their appraisal cycle to the reviews and the feedback.

Corporate Learning Management System

Zoho HRMS software has its own LMS or Learning Management System that creates effective employee training opportunities for each employee in the organization. We have endless courses for all the domains to give your organization the most out of training. Every workforce is diverse and so are the needs of learning with employees. Zoho People provide a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) that creates training across your organization to streamline faster, better-enabled e-learning experiences across the domains of choice.

Some of the domains include:

· Graphic designing,

· How to sell better identifying talent and a lot more.

These courses are based on self-paced learning and blended learning.

Case Management

Zoho People give the power to reach out to HRs as directly by giving access to employees their contact details with the safe and secure processing method. Zoho People would help pitch us thought-provoking questions from employees. They can reach them out directly and organism the questions to give a prompt reply from a centralized location to keep easy access to knowledge base.

This has endless benefits such as

· Reducing turnaround time for queries, en queries and requests

· Standardized interaction and documentation processing and a lot more.

Engaging Your Employees

The HRMS software creates a collaborative workplace for you to have the drive to work and builds the best HR workplace for you to explore track. Not just activities but also their teamwork. This eliminates the middleman interference and gives the audacity to the employees in maintaining viewing and managing their own records.

Employees associated with Zoho People with an organization can

· Apply for leave,

· Fill in their details,

· Submit proposals across the organization (for every other thing all on their own using the Self Service Employee portal)

· Document Management from sending offer letters, updating policies, viewing contracts, and sharing documents (such as managing the way things work with documents regarding ‘file cabinet’ and ‘e-signature’) Zoho people have got your every need fulfilled.

Customize The Way You Work

Zoho people give extensive customization over forms and workflows. You can create fields and tabs that fit your industry and organizational parameters with Intelligent Automation and custom forms.

Intelligent Automation: Supports end-to-end work tasks for automatic field update system in creating and demonstrating custom applications.

Custom Forms: Capturing the right data is efficient when data is the key to HR. Zoho People helps intuitive drag-and-drop form builders to build custom forms most effectively and capture the information right.

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