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As a Zoho Consulting Partner, Linz Technologies customizes, integrates, and implements Zoho CRM and all of its 40+ business applications to enhance the customer experience and empower your business. As an Certified Zoho Consultants, we collaborate closely with Zoho in a variety of industries to provide customers with a comprehensive array of complementary products and services.

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What we do as Zoho Consulting Partner

Choosing the right Zoho consultant or Zoho implementation partner can make all the difference in your business’s long-term success with Zoho. Zoho offers plenty of valuable products and services that will help you run your business more efficiently, but it may be difficult to find out which Zoho products are right for your business. That’s where our team of Zoho consulting partner comes in and provides right Zoho Solution. When you work with right Zoho Consultant, you’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge of Zoho products. We understand that each business and its needs are unique  and provide best Zoho consulting & development service.


Our experienced zoho consultants first understands your business perfectly and he will create a blueprint for how we plan to implement Zoho products based on your business needs.


Our Zoho implementation team will provide the zoho case studies previous implementation success stories in similar process. We provide a customize solution based on customer and business requirement.

Support & Train 

Once business relationship starts with Zoho partner, our Zoho consultant will guide and provide support throughout the process and  train you in Zoho products to get more value for their business.

How We Work


The primary step that every consultant should take should be the discovery part. Linz Zoho consultants have worked on various range of products to give away every industry analysis and essence into their consultation based on the customer's individual needs and fulfillment. 


The analysis and research by Zoho Consulting Services team focuses on giving up in-depth research and clear analysis on reports made with testing and development. It involves a highly important complex skill of complete analysis in the business by our Zoho Consulting Partner. 


Linz Zoho consultants focus on giving the expeditor offers that are relevant to the solution to give away knowledge for the business environment maintained. We focus on giving addons to your strength, keen insights on the perspectives and the push for the innovation that needs to be deployed to compete among the other industry


Finally, before the last step comes the designing part of the ideation. The Zoho Consulting Services begin to take shape and emerge into a proper design here. This steps involves gathering up a lot of ideas that have been nurtured throughout the session of consultation over the past three steps. These are derived to give away the best and more optimized ROI (Return Of Investment)


The assistance and the hands you need to hold on. Sometimes the ideation may exceed the expectations of the customer or the organization itself while building the design part. When it goes beyond the offer or anything beyond the needs of the customer, we have the best technical Zoho support team to guide the customers 24*7 by giving consultation with immediate support connecting you directly to the Zoho Consulting Partner.

Zoho CRM implementation To achieve your commercial objectives

Zoho CRM has numerous applications, characteristics and procedures to perform tasks. Its choice of characteristics and procedures is generally the difference between a successful or failed Zoho CRM implementation. If you are not achieving beyond its commercial objectives with Zoho CRM, then we can help you. Zoho CRM must be implemented with the mentality that it is a tool for its commercial processes to be more efficient. This means that your CRM must be configured and customized correctly to adapt to your sales, marketing and communications processes. We are here to help you with Zoho CRM implementation, book a free consultation with our Zoho consultants.

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Zoho CRM Strategy for High Investment Return

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The ad hoc approach to the use of Zoho CRM is more often than not ensuring low investment returns. This is why we ask you to get a well-thought Zoho CRM procedure. Your trading is not conventional, so you have to have your Zoho CRM technique to get high investment. Our Master Zoho expert is very enthusiastic to meet you to give you a well-thought Zoho CRM support. High investment returns are what we need to ensure you. This is how we solve it!

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