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Zoho Premium Partner

As Zoho Premium Partner, our skilled development team has extensive experience in executing Zoho projects. We've successfully carried out various complex tasks such as implementation, development, and integration across multiple industry sectors.

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Automate your Business With a Zoho Premium Partner

As a certified Zoho implementation partner, we work worked with several Zoho products like Zoho Creator, Zoho One, Zoho CRM, and Zoho Books to deliver first-class business management systems to our clients.

Being a Zoho Premium Partner enables us to leverage a comprehensive set of development tools and resources, ensuring that we deliver the solutions your business requires.

We provide customized Zoho solutions, encompassing both Zoho Product suites and standalone products for managing various business areas such as IT help desk, finance, human resources, sales and marketing, and business intelligence. Our focus is to align these solutions with your specific business processes.

Our Zoho services include mobile and web-based applications, offering businesses uninterrupted access to critical data. Effortlesly streamline task management, and track jobs to boost sales.

Our experienced Zoho consultants understand business workflows and customer needs. We design a client-specific implementation and develop a strategic plan for integrating one or more Zoho products.

We offer custom-made solutions that align with your business processes and customer needs, empowering you to make efficient decisions that enhance business productivity.

We also offer Zoho training sessions to help customers maximize the benefits of Zoho solutions and products. And if any modifications are needed, we are here to provide ongoing support.

Certified Zoho Premium Partner

60+ Project Completed

15+ Industries Served

8+ Countries Served

Zoho Services we Offer

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Zoho Certified Consulting

As Zoho certified consulting partner, we provide the best solutions to empower your business to the next level. Just provide us with your workflow details and other relevant information. Our expert consultants will then craft the most effective solutions for you.

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Zoho Implementation

As a experienced and Zoho implementation partner, our team of skilled developers guarantees a flawless solution for your business. We achieve this by conducting comprehensive quality assurance and multiple testing rounds to ensure seamless implementation.

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Zoho Development

We specialize in customizing Zoho applications to better match your business operations. Our goal is to help you streamline your processes, reduce response time, and foster profitable growth in your business.

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Zoho Training

Our team of developers ensures smooth solution implementation by providing essential training to both administrators and employees. This training, designed to help users become comfortable with the new system.

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Zoho Integration

We smoothly incorporate any external application and effortlessly transfer data from your current software to your chosen Zoho solution. This enables you to manage your business operations with enhanced efficiency.

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Zoho Support and maintenance

Our skilled developers conduct multiple rounds of testing before launching any product. This process ensures that we provide a flawless product, designed to achieve complete user satisfaction

Book Free Consultation with Our Zoho Partner

Linz has successfully executed numerous Zoho solutions

Our team of developers customize Zoho CRM add-ons to your needs and ensure a seamless transition of data from your existing applications to Zoho CRM. We provide comprehensive support to manage your leads, prospects, and valued customers effectively, helping prevent any potential losses.


Our team of developers simplifies your HR tasks by integrating your employee data. This allows for streamlined tracking of attendance and performance, and facilitates efficient management of appraisals, among other functions


Our team of developers seamlessly links third-party accounting apps for small to medium-sized businesses with Zoho Books. This integrated solution efficiently manages expense tracking and updates your bank transactions automatically


Zoho Analytics

Our Zoho experts ensure rapid data warehousing, allowing you to access real-time reports and analytics on a single, user-friendly dashboard.


Zoho Creator

Our Zoho Creator developers utilize this platform to efficiently build mobile & web apps without needing extensive coding. This accelerates the development process while also allowing for the implementation of customized business rules & workflows.

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Zoho One

We offer customized Zoho One Solutions to enhance your work order management and boost your business efficiency. Benefit from our comprehensive package which includes all key Zoho applications in one convenient place

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Zoho Sites

Zoho Sites is a user-friendly website builder, ideal for creating high-quality websites with ease. As an Zoho Premium Partner, we assist our clients in setting up and using this solution, making it accessible even to those without any IT or coding experience.

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Zoho Inventory

Zoho inventory management software is highly used by startups and SMBs. It enhances productivity and streamlines inventory systems through automation. With this tool, businesses can stay ahead of their competition and impress investors by making data-driven decisions

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Zoho Expense

Zoho Expense is a popular online tool for managing financial transactions. It accelerates the process of revenue generation by organizing your finances efficiently. The platform streamlines approval processes, expedites reimbursements, and automates the process of expense reporting for a hassle-free experience.

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Zoho Social

Discover a smart, innovative platform for managing your social media, designed to simplify your business processes. This software amplifies your online visibility, enabling businesses to effectively engage with their target audiences.

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Zoho Desk

This widely-used customer service platform helps businesses provide top-notch support to their clients using the right tools. Its data analysis features assist managers in identifying key operational areas and boosting productivity

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Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a powerful platform for managing recruitment and tracking applicants, suitable for all businesses. With its easy-to-use interface and a range of customizable features, it simplifies your hiring process.

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How we Work

Our team of certified Zoho developers are experts in customizing Zoho apps to match your business needs. Whether you require support in sales, marketing, customer service, finance, IT, or other solutions, we are committed to delivering automated and efficient Zoho configurations. Our approach to each project involves a thorough conversation, strategic planning, setup, testing, and implementation, all done with full transparency

Share project requirement


Hire Zoho Developer


Get the project completed


QA & Testing


For a Personalized ZOHO Implementation Plan for your Business

Linz as Zoho Premium Partner,we offered Zoho solution to all industry verticals

Zoho for Healthcare streamlines your healthcare facility's operations, simplifies patient management, expedites billing processes, and more


Manage all your educational and administrative tasks effortlessly using Zoho for Education. Contact us now


From managing leads to handling financial accounts, Zoho's banking and financial services are essential tools for any financial institution


Zoho for real estate offers a comprehensive solution for timely lead management, deal handling, contract processing, & agreement signing.

Real Estate

Monitor customer activities, engage effectively, & manage campaigns using specialized Zoho CRM for eCommerce.


Efficiently handle your sales, customer, and supplier data using Zoho's CRM for travel agencies. Save valuable employee effort, time, and costs.


Why choose Linz, a Zoho Premium Partner?

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Linz provides expert guidance as a Zoho Premium Partner

Book free Zoho Consultation with our Zoho experts to clear your doubts.

Linz has advanced access to updates, new features, and direct lines of communication with Zoho.

We have a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge of Zoho's suite of products, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

Linz offers dedicated, ongoing support to ensure your Zoho products continue to serve your business effectively.

With Linz, you're not just purchasing a product, but a partnership. Our goal is to help you maximize the return on your Zoho investment

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