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How AI Chatbots Are Transforming Customer Support Service?

Zoho SalesIQ | Chatbot

In this blog, we will have a look at how chatbots are transforming the customer support services. Let's begin with knowing about what is Chatbot.

A Chatbot is customized computer software that helps businesses create automated conversations for their customer interaction. Most of us would have come across a chatbot in our life with or without knowing about it in filling an application, for asking queries about a college and a lot more. Chatbot has influenced the way we live every time we come across some website or an application.

Today, it has gone up even higher just like our display pop-ups and we wouldn't even realize that it has come to help us with queries. It is such merging stuff with websites or applications that we use in our day-to-day lives.

Over time, it has managed to replace different human activities by giving away end-to-end conversation possibilities to replace human-to-machine interactions and enable it across customers of different businesses.

Chatbots use technologies such as AI, NLP or Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning (ML) to power themselves for these needs and accomplish the services that the Chatbot has.

When chatbots are unable to answer a query or a request placed by the customer, the chat is then transferred to a human agent and the conversation continues. Nowadays, traditional bots have fallen short of meeting customer expectations. Let us know how with Zoho Sales IQ can help your technology development designs and imitation of humans. Chatbots are developed to replace human conversions or conversations with machines.

However, this first generation of chatbots had left so much improvement for the current chatbot generation in terms of development. This stand ability and robust advancement occurs across organizations.

Why do Chatbots Fail To Meet Customer Expectations?

Labor-intensive process have made it tedious to build and implement

Each earlier versions of chatbots at least took 9 to 12 months of time to get built and deployed. The cost of making it efficient was heavier.

Demonstrating a poor quality user experience

Robotic chatbots are highly scripted and it is intended to make engagements meaningful with dialogue that is dynamic. User interaction suffered a lot at the beginning of this chatbot creation since it ultimately deteriorated with the overall user experience rating or percentage.

The applications lack the ability to solve personalized issues across users

Semantic understanding was lacking in some user expectations. But then, need for personalized results such as getting a formulated, specific or personalized response for the customer

Benefits of Having Chatbots Across Businesses

Reduce Wait time

It is difficult for company and customer support agent to handle many customers at a time. This will lead to an increase in wait time. But there are no such constrains for Chatbot it can handle any number of customers.

24/7 Service

Chatbots provide 24/7 customer support. It will provide basic support to users like guiding them to the relevant section, pricing and plans section.

Omnichannel experience

It is essential for all businesses to provide customer support across all platforms. For a customer support agent, it is challenging to provide support across multiple platforms at a time. But Chatbots offer omnichannel experience it can easily integrated with all platforms like facebook, whatsapp and other platforms to provide customer support.

Zoho SalesIQ Gives Comprehensive Solution For Chatbots

Need Chatbot for your business Zoho SalesIQ is here to help you to provide best customer support

Coded Chatbot

This is a template-based programming interface that you can customize your chatbot preferences. You have an existing chatbot template or customized chatbots available. You can customize them as per your business needs with relevance to widget, review, colors etc.

Codeless bot will save you from hassling over coding

It gives you a simple drag-and-drop option with an interface that has a complete flow to create customized software.

Answer Chatbot

Answer chatbot helps you create with ease by helping you explore user experience and a forever diving pool of resources to look for answers. It has its own technology with the AI is powered by Zia, which understands all the common customer queries and answers them using the resource library that Zia is powered with.

If you need a Zoho Consulting or assistance to implement Zoho solution for your business or organization, we’d be happy to assist as you consider your business needs for today and into the future. Book free consultation with our Zoho experts.

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