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6 Steps to Simplifying Email Life

6 Steps to Simplify Email Life
6 Steps to Simplify Email Life

According to a study conducted by the Harvard Business Review in 2019, an average person spends about 26% of their working day in the office mail inbox. Which directly equates to a carryover of 2.6 hours each day, to round up to 35 hours per week. This data here tells us that email management and optimization should mean a lot to every employee working.

Going through every single mail, sorting them up and deleting the unwanted always takes time. There are needs to tips and tricks to maintain our email inboxes, prioritize emails, and get all that important mails first listed and many more.

Let us start optimizing our email inboxes one by one,

1 - Unsubscribe - Take Care Subscriptions

You will have to focus on mails that give you useless data. Annoying emails that you receive from different organizations, online stores and a lot more. Keep them checked and get to know whether they are providing value to your space in the inbox. If they are a distraction and trying to make your important mails go down, check to make sure you get rid of them by unsubscribing them. This will save you a lot of time, hassle and give you prioritization tricks.

2 - Setting Up Just to Define Your Email Inbox

You can sort mails into different folders and categorize them from different senders, different subject lines and use filters and create filters to optimism means for your boss, teammates, clients and dozens of other stuff. This can be filtering the unsubscribed email lists or mailing lists once. By creating a filter that deletes all of the similar kinds of mail permanently with or without your acknowledgement (as per settings), making it a spammer address number.

3 - Focusing On What Matters

Towards the folders, tags and filters in your email inbox - Items that are in your inbox can be important to others but not yours. Some emails can be essential for your teammates when you're managing a team mail or inbox. It can be important to you but also important to your teammates to fall into the category that works. Use the best filter option with those emails such that you don't delete them. Instead, keep them at a pace where you don't get stopped out & distracted with the incoming ones.

Most of today's workforce have connected email to their mobile phones to get instant and regular updates about the notifications that they receive every time or everyday as they receive a new email. The best way to avoid distraction through those notifications is choosing to turn them off. This helps you do a necessary task when you're working on different tasks to survive productivity.

4 - Choose And Delete Mails That Are No Longer Helping You With Anything

Mails that were from the Stone Age or from a very old period needn’t stay longer in your inbox and mess up with your storage capacity. In cases like this, you got to delete them to help you in taking up the right space into your account. Sometimes with critical messages, you'll have to be careful with this and make sure that you're not deleting something that was ancient and was useful.

5 - Giving Away Your Mail Id To The Right People

When you provide your mail to some third party, every time you receive an email address or use your email address to open an account on a website or an application. A lot of new but unfocused mails fill your inbox. In this case, you will have to consider not throwing away your email address to people who are not of value to you. To find out the company that you should check your email address to and sell your information too carefully by reading the terms and conditions or privacy policies before signing onto the company's websites or login credentials. You can find such stuff on the home page by doing a quick search for their business name and their privacy policy. To know exactly what's going to come in for you in your inbox later. It takes less time but makes it more efficient to optimism your inbox every time you sign up for a new company's login credentials.

5 - Your Inbox Management

It is one among the most difficult tasks on your day-to-day task schedule. But then you can use the right tools to help them and make this optimized much more easily. Some important tools to do it can be using filters and checkpoints in your inbox. As time passes you will learn about them.


Learn about more tools that are available for managing your inbox. Keep in check to learn within a limited time. For more stuff to make you a long term progress with productivity and guidance with Zoho implementation, support, training and consultation on Zoho products, checkout Linz Blogs and stay tuned for more exciting Zoho Product blogs.


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