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Schedule Message in Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq helps to schedule messages across discrete time zones of work and employee location. There is a vast number of people who hate Monday mornings, and an uncountable number of people who do not like waking up with message notifications from work in the middle of the night. A lot more similar solid reasons exist in situations like this. And still, most of us need the emergency notifications to get us popping up as soon as it arrives in your inbox.

The study done by a research fellow in organizational philosophy says that 70% of every organization's employees are expected to respond to messages beyond their workers instantly for a dedicated working badge with the manager’s conversations to higher officials. But, on the other hand, people report having higher levels of psychological distress with all of this stuff over and over in their day-to-day life and work zones.

Having reminders could be essential for the importance of work life balance. On the other hand, if you are working in a non-traditional sector, you could work early in the morning or late at night. Through these work duration, you are working with different time zones in such a way that some of your colleagues probably would have to keep-in-touch with messages to get you connected with teammates across your workers.

Why has it become a necessity for each and every person to maintain optimized notifications?

Employees are situated globally. They work with flexible workers with the work culture of a modern hybrid work environment across communication. It becomes a challenge with international teams. This happens because one employee works at midnight when the other

Member of the team works in the mornings of the same day.

Zoho Cliq - Schedule Message

Zoho Cliq will helps to manage notification and schedule messages. The below steps indicate how to schedule message in cliq,

1. Follow by typing a message in the composition field.

2. Click on scheduling the message icon to the right of the message composition.

3. Choose a date and time that is optional for this or choose a custom timing in which you want this message to reach that teammate of yours and

4. Click on the Schedule button.

Now that you are set to make notifications available for different time zones. You can make edits to this anytime. I am modulating this carrier message. Suppose you are scheduling a video message for your teammate and you want to edit the caption that has been attached to the video or (you just want to reschedule this message to another date or time and customize it), you can simply check on the reschedule options and edit the same.

However, you can also click on edit so all through the message and edit the basic stuff that the message has such as text or attachments. Now you can see it this for creating the existing message into a new version.

One needs to delete a message for several reasons and purpose that we have sent them past. For instance, if you want to ensure that you delete a scheduled message that contains a weekly report data or any other information. You can click on the Delete scheduled message anytime.

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