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Key Features of Zoho CRM Plus

Zoho CRM Plus

Providing a unified customer experience in today's competitive business world can be a great struggle. It is hard to find all the necessary tools that are important for business and organization under one platform most of the time.

Zoho CRM Plus features can satisfy all the needs as much as possible with what's relevant to company’s trends, industry and customer handling or customer management platform.

Let us look at Zoho CRM Plus let us dive into what it is, the difference between Zoho CRM and Zoho CRM Plus and know the exclusive features or benefits that you are going to get with Zoho CRM.

Zoho CRM is a software that seamlessly handles the complicated and lucrative relationship which is held between the organization and the customers.

  • Zoho CRM software helps to maintain engagement across your customers through multiple platforms at different stages of the lifecycle that the customers and the company goes.

  • Sales & marketing team gets notified with prospects and proper context across different media in real time

What is Zoho CRM Plus?

Zoho CRM Plus is a 360 degree customer view based team product. This enables your team in such a way that it creates an efficient customer management system. It creates and run email campaigns and acknowledges practical communication in your site, converts your contacts into leads, enables processes and routine automation to closing deals, managing social media platforms, giving key business metrics, gathering customer feedback and notifying them about each and every updates that they are going through.

This platform is a booster to create an inter-collaborative team software for collaboration and conversion in improving sales support performance with teams, creating an overall productivity enhancement.

Zoho CRM Plus Features

Sales Automation

Helps you convert flow and close deals, create leads, manage customer relationships and create user-friendly features that manage automation and sales pipelines with efficiency.

Visitor tracking and websites

With sales and website visitor’s engagement via live chat, conversion has leads and everything else from your website is tracked and monitored. Using Zoho SalesIQ integrated to Zoho CRM plus you get that report instantly as footprints with the contextual support to follow over your visitors.

The Helpdesk solutions

Zoho CRM plus empowers your team by giving away resolved solutions to support tickets, manage and monitor the same contextual with Zoho desk. Multiple support channels such as email, telephone, social media and live chat guides and fetches data to drag stuff under your customer’s rooftop across sites and other campaigns that you've been using.

Project collaboration solution

Zoho has a lot to do with project management. You will get business operations streamlined on a day-to-day basis with project management solutions online. You can track the report profits, create plans, make projects with collaborative teams, manage reports and optimize them and stream chats to give a seamless project management tool to you and your teammates.

Zoho Mail

Helps you optimize custom folders to give away automated alerts to stay or make important clients over the top of your email inbox and organizations to categorize them into different customized folders. The range also extends to customization with drag and drop option features that you need not search for folders anymore. Setting rules to classify events is simpler than ever before.

Email Marketing Campaign

It creates and run incredible email marketing campaigns to mark a benchmark with featured email marketing services. You will design, monitor, ship and perform your email performance. The graphics rich pre-designed templates and email automation gives best managed emails to efficiency.

Social media management

Zoho CRM Plus has a solid social media presence and engagement factors to deal with customers across multiple platforms, so are you ready to manage all your social media platforms.

How Linz Can Help You?

Linz is a Premium Zoho Partner with 9+ years of experience in providing Zoho Business automation solutions for various businesses and industries globally. If you would like a demonstration or assistance with Zoho CRM plus implementation or integration for your organization, book a free consultation with our Zoho Consulting Partner.


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